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news > 53rd International boat show, Genoa, 2-6 October 2013

A new calendar schedule, from 2 through 6 October, 2013, an innovative layout, a variety of exhibition areas, new services and an important commitment to create a dialogue with Genoa itself.

The new “container” for the 53rd Genoa International Boat Show – which will be taking place from October 2 through 6, 2013 - was presented in Genoa today in a technical meeting with the press.
A new calendar schedule, an innovative layout, a variety of exhibition areas, new services and an important commitment to create a dialogue with Genoa itself: these are the main aspects that were highlighted in the course of the meeting with the organisers’ senior executives, Sara Armella and Anton Francesco Albertoni, Presidents of Fiera di Genova and UCINA (Italian Boating Industry Confederation) respectively, Marina Stella, General Manager of Ucina and Antonio Bruzzone, Managing Director of Fiera di Genova.

“The Genoa Boat Show 2013 will be very different from its previous editions” – said the organisers - “What you will see this year is an evolution of the show, starting from its “container”, which has been totally redesigned to create a new way of visiting and enjoying the show. Building on its fifty years’ experience and a constructive exchange with the interested parties, the event now aims to be more in touch with reality and, we believe, more effective, in terms of venue and exhibition design and layout, as well as calendar schedule”.

Fiera di Genova’s and Ucina’s senior executives continued to explain that “The evolution of the event has been planned after listening to and investigating the issues raised and the points made by several parties already from the end of last year’s show. A listening exercise which was conducted by Ucina, through direct communication with boat builders and exhibitors, and by Fiera di Genova, through a survey with visitors and operators. This and much more input information was used to redesign the show, in a manner that would better respond to the market’s new requirements, with the aim to maintain the event’s leadership status.”
Many the novelties that will be seen this year. To begin with, the show will take place at the start of the month, a period that was chosen to fit in effectively in the industry’s international calendar of events. The length of the show has been cut down from 9 to 5 days, to respond to a preference expressed by exhibitors, who said they would rather concentrate the event over less days, so as to focus interest. A change which is also in line with the trend seen in the international trade show offer.

Totally redesigned also the layout of the show, which, this year, will see many more boats being displayed directly on water, making the best of the Genoa Boat Show’s unique feature, the presence of the sea literally “inside it”. A new way to enjoy the event, with many tangible novelties, starting from the newly-built “Red Wall” to the possibility of taking part in interactive and sea test trials.
The visit will provide an experience of direct discovery of the boating world, in all its forms and expressions. Visitors will be guided through the new layout - designed by Caliari e Associati – by a redesigned signposting system, with a specific purpose and fil rouge, aiming to create an easier-to-follow and more effective itinerary, in terms of both time and distance.
And as far as novelties go, that’s not it. This year, the Genoa Boat Show evolves, to present an even more diversified offer, new product categories and a clear division of spaces by areas of interest and contents.